August 30, 2009

Services began at 9:00 AM.

Chris Hanson welcomed the congregation and asked for announcements.

Announcements: Everyone welcomed Bob back after being released from the hospital in SLC yesterday. Pastor Pat will be here next week to provide communion for the congregation.  New locks have been installed on the door. Raley’s cards were passed out to those wishing to participate in a program that provides contributions to F.I.S.H.  A percentage of the money spent at Raley's by customer members will be sent to FISH. Two Groups brought food again for the fellowship. It was made clear that Group 1 would be next week.

The congregation sang, “He Who Began a Good Work in You”, “Softly and Tenderly”, and “In Moments Like These”. We had a large accompaniment with RJ, Susie, Linda, and Owen all play the music.

The Children’s Message was nicely given by R.J. Hanson. He told a story about a boy becoming a man in the forest and how his father stood watch over him without his knowledge. He correlated this with how God watches over us all, even when we don't realize it

Peggy Drussel presented The Salt Award to Mary  Christensen for all the support and encouragement to others.

Scripture Psalm 45:1-2, 6-9 and James 1:17-27 were read by Val Sawyer.

Laurie Hassen, Administrator at Highland Manor talked to the congregation about all the services that they provide. She spoke about the new Assisted Living wing being added, The Bounce Back Unit, and the secure unit. She spoke on her goal of treating residents like family and that her staff genuinely loves the residents at Highland.

Prayer offerings were made with prayer being provided by Linda Stapley.

After the offering the congregation sang “Here I Am Lord” and the Benediction “The Lord Bless and Keep You”.

We had a great fellowship with lots of food from Group 3 & 4. Once again Group 1 will provide the food for fellowship next week.


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